Become a Solar Saviour Ambassador!

Share your love of solar and earn rewards:

Now that your system is installed you can experience all the benefits of going solar. Why not share the good news with your friends and family?  Our referral program rewards you for doing exactly that. Anyone can earn rewards! Whether you’re stuck in lockdown or looking for extra income. Even if you don’t have a solar system with the Solar Saviour, you can still participate!

Up to $300 for residential referrals and up to $1000 for business referrals!

How it Works?

For all referrals, the referred customer must purchase a full panelled system from the Solar Saviour totalling a minimum of 2.5 kilowatts.

To refer someone, you need to submit your contact details in the contact form below. Once your referral’s system has been completely installed and paid for you can redeem your referral bonus of up to $300 or you can donate it to a sports/community group of your choice by contacting us via the form below.

Note that this form must be completed before your referral sits their free energy assessment to be eligible for the referral program.

What You Can Earn?

For the Solar Saviour Customers

Are you happy with your system? Tell your friends and family and you’ll receive a $300 reward for each referred client who completes a full system installation with us. There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

Even If You Are Not A Customer

If you are enthusiastic about solar but haven’t installed a system with the Solar Saviour yet, you can still earn a gift voucher of your choice valued at $150. To receive your voucher, contact us by filling in the form below.

How to Claim Your Referral:

Fill out our referral form below with the referee’s information and your name.

Note that this form must be completed before your referral sits their solar consultation to be eligible for the referral program.

When Will I Receive My Bonus?

Once your referral’s system has been completely installed and paid for you can redeem your referral bonus by contacting our team on 07 5635 4290


Answers to Your Questions! If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact us and we can help!

Do I qualify for solar?

Not every one does for solar, however these are the requirements:

  • You are a home owner
  • Minimal shading issues
  • Your bill is more than $250 per quarter
  • Are receiving an income of some sort (specifics discussed with a consultant)
What information is needed for a solar energy assessment?

We will need some basic information to start with depending on the region in which you live, as there are different requirements for different distribution networks. Simply, we would start with an address, power bill amount and your primary goal/focus on what you’d like to achieve with solar. This is for both residential and commercial customers.

    Is solar affordable?

    All of our renewable energy partners have either in house, or third party reputable solar financiers to give you access to which require $0 up front. In most cases if solar is suitable for you, you will pay less for solar on a quarterly basis than you would for your electricity bill.

      How does the National Customer Code Work?

      The Code is voluntary, and all energy brokers, consultants and retailers are welcome to sign up. In signing up to the Code, they are committing to:

      • Customer centricity – putting customers at the centre of their business and making decisions based on what is in the customers’ best interests
      • Transparency – providing clear, accurate and relevant information to help customers make informed choices
      • Fit for purpose – ensuring that products and services are responsible, accurate and meet customer expectations
      • Accountability – being responsive to customer needs and taking prompt, appropriate action if a customer makes a complaint to ensure continuous improvement

      An independent Administrator will run the day-to-day activities of the Code and the Code is overseen by a Code Council made up of representatives of energy brokers, consultants, retailers and customers.

        What's the National Customer Code customer benefit?

        If you’re a customer of an energy broker or consultant, then the Code provides you with more confidence and peace of mind that your energy broker, consultant and retailer are:

        • Putting you at the centre of what they do
        • Acting in your best interests with honesty and integrity
        • Committing to being knowledgeable, transparent and professional
        • Providing you with fit-for-purpose advice based on accurate and complete information
        • Meeting industry best practice standards
        • Understanding the energy market and with the requisite knowledge to help you
        • Growing trust and reputation across the industry
        • Collaborating across the energy industry to work better together

          Our Company

          “If you want to build something big, you have to start with a small step”

          The Saviour Group was established with the purpose of providing transparency to Australians, by leveraging into the secure partnership we have created with our hand-selected partners.

          Throughout the average Australian household, there are a number of expenses on a regular basis that are deemed “essential”.

          Alongside the company mission, The Saviour Group aims to ensure that all Australians are aware of what they are entitled to and have the ability to make secure and educated decision towards their savings.

          We have hand selected a number of providers in different verticals who have successfully satisfied our rigorous onboarding process.

          A number of factors we take into heavy consideration is compliance, process, transparency, security and integrity within the marketplace.



          Our Mission

          To build a business with a reputation in compliance, transparency, integrity and results.

          Our Vision

          To become the one stop shop for all customers looking to be matched with industry leading products, savings and services.

          Our Culture

          We are self-starting, mission driven individuals with our passion for diversity and integrity at the heart of everything we do. Our transparent, secure and genuine approach is what sets us apart and allows us to get one step closer to our vision.

          What Our Customers Say